Who We Are

The LOBAS Love Story

Born in San Diego, CA LOBAS creates accessories that are hard yet soft, edgy yet refined, recognizable yet unique – while simultaneously creating a community of educated and confident fine jewelry consumers.

We’re dedicated to demystifying fine jewelry and gemstones! That’s why we’re sharing our knowledge and creating a content-rich platform for jewelry lovers so they can be savvy, conscious, and well-informed jewelry consumers.

We also create bespoke fine jewelry and a handmade signature line of accessories. LOBAS aims to make fine, custom jewelry accessible to the powerful, everyday modern person. The wild ones.

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LOBAS was created to be a multifaceted brand for a modern lifestyle. We believe that great accessories should be functional, fun, built for everyday wear and versatile enough for every occasion.


In jewelry, integrity is key for the health and success of the industry as a whole. LOBAS takes our role seriously in promoting and adhering to honesty, transparency and strong moral principles within the world of fine jewelry.


Alison Smith

Designer and LOBAS Founder // Jewelry Expert & Lover // GIA JDT & AJP Graduate //

I grew up in San Diego, California.

The coastal environment facilitated my natural affinity for beautiful things. It is nothing short of magic. 

I was in love with the objects that the ocean and the Earth produced: animals, rocks, crystals, bones and seashells. I collected what I found, wishing I could somehow display my collection as jewelry, while different designs would dance through my head. Throughout my teens, the costume and vintage jewelry I also collected would become my style staple and greatest source of inspiration. 

Jewelry is my passion, but I never thought it would be my career.

Along the way, I had convinced myself that a creative career was not a viable one.

It took 12 years in the corporate world, four of which were spent working for Deepak Chopra, becoming a mediation instructor, and having some major growth moments that brought about making a dramatic life change. The little girl collecting everything she could knew a lot more about herself than the woman I had become. I began to trust my inner wisdom and belief that a life spent pursuing your dream is never time wasted. 

I hopped off the corporate ladder and floated into the Gemological Institute of America, the world’s foremost authority in the standards and education of diamonds, colored stones and pearls. And wouldn’t you know, their world headquarters is right in my hometown of San Diego. If that isn’t a nudge, or more of a push, from the Universe – I don’t know what is.

At GIA I became enmeshed in the world of fine jewelry and gems. Arguably the most beautiful world of them all. I spent six months on campus learning CAD for jewelry design full time. Finally I was able to create all the jewelry I only could see in my head, digitally on a computer in front of me. I also studied and became an Applied Jewelry Professional and am currently chipping away the Graduate Gemologist Diploma.

I made my dream a reality.

Now, in addition to creating beautiful accessories, I get to share my passion and knowledge with like-minded jewelry lovers on some of my favorite topics: gems, design and jewelry!

Welcome to the world of LOBAS. 

Founder and Designer, Alison