LOBAS believes that fine, custom jewelry should be attainable, fun and unique. The custom jewelry process starts with stones you already own or the sourcing of whatever you wish you did.

With a GIA trained CAD technician as our founder, you’ll be working exclusively with a designer and jewelry engineer for the duration of your project. We skip the middle man.

The end result will be a piece of jewelry that is one of a kind, will last lifetimes and was made just for you.

See if our design ideals below resonate with you.

Wear What You Love

When it comes to jewelry, our philosophy is that it’s not just about designers, labels or expensive price tags, but quality craftsmanship, fine materials and most of all, great design.

That’s what we love.

Just Be You

The joy you experience when you’re wearing what makes you feel good will exude from the inside out. We’re going for that feeling – all the time.

When we couldn’t find what we were looking for we created it either by hand or via CAD. As a result, LOBAS jewelry is a reflection of our beauty ideals: elegant and bold, while remaining fun and playful.

Updated Vintage

Our inspiration at LOBAS comes from vintage jewelry, whether the jewelry is made of precious gemstones and noble metals or semi-precious and plated – we’re paying attention to unique styles, inspired motifs and functional design.

We particularly love 19th-century Victorian era jewelry featuring animals, Art Nouveau cloisonné, chunky vintage ’50s-’80s costume, and the simple modern lines of today’s unisex jewelry.

Brooches, hat pins and lapel pins are some of our favorite vintage styles that we love putting a modern spin on – making what was “old”, new.

When I decided to make CAD my first area of study in the world of jewelry, it was because I wanted the ability to digitally create jewelry I didn’t see in stores with unique stones I didn’t see designers utilizing. Since I am a GIA trained CAD technician and designer, LOBAS doesn’t require any middle man in the custom design process. For the entirety of your project, you’ll be working with an expert in the design AND technical engineering of fine jewelry – me!



    Oceanside, CA 92054

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    Designer & Founder

    Lobas Design

    Alison Smith

    GIA, JDT & AJP